Marketing Workshop for Dancers: Summer 2015 Dates Announced

I’m thrilled to announce the dates for this summer’s Dance Auditioning Marketing and Image Workshop. The Workshops will be held on Sunday, July 19th and Sunday, August 2nd, at my studio in Long Island City.

The half day workshop will include marketing tips for dancers, the How-To’s of image making including the elements of a good audition photo’s and headshots; and audition tips that will get you ready to explore who you are as a dancer, what you have to offer dance companies, and how to present yourself at the auditions and with the companies you have been training to be get in front of.

“Working with Rachel has given me a wealth of information and knowledge. Information that has proven very useful in every photoshoot there after.  She has thought me the importance of translating a 3D body to a great line for a 2D image, in photos. ‘It’s all about angles..’ I would recommend every aspiring dancer and professional, alike, take notes.” – Anthony Savoy, Dance Theater of Harlem

black white photo dance theater of harlem anthony savoy

“My students texted me after, they have found it very innovative and inspiring (me too!)” – Nadege Hottier, Principal, Premiere Division

As a dance photographer and a mom, it’s my quite mission to do what I can to forward our dance art form. Helping the next generation of dancers to understand that good marketing is vital not only to getting a foot in the door and signing your first contract, but to keeping your career growing and thriving for years to come.

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Maeve MaGuire

I want all of the dancers who work with me to understand that there is a reason why corporations spend 15-50% of their revenue on marketing.  We dancers and artists are just not schooled in this area the way MBAs are.  In hosting workshops like this and giving dancers access to marketing insight, image making expertise and time tested audition strategies, I am doing my part to shift this conversation and to empower this generation’s dancers.

Last year, I presented this workshop several times to dance schools here in NYC and received excellent feedback from all involved. Since then, my conversations and work with companies and dancers has enhanced the content and the workshop experience even more.

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“Rachel gave me more than fantastic images. She gave me a new approach to and perspective on my dancing and instilled in me a new sense of confidence. It was an experience I will never forget.”  – Alayna Brenchley

Join me Sunday, July 19 or Sunday, August 2, at the Rachel Neville Photography Studio 25-19 Borden Ave Suite 216
Long Island City, NY, 11101 (just 10 minutes from Grand Central Station)!

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