Michael Clancy, The Encyclopedia of Fitness

I recently had the pleasure of shooting for a personal trainer named Mike Clancy.  Now what’s news about you shooting a trainer, you ask?  Seems like I do that all the time? Well yes, in fact I do, but I have to tell you, there was definitely something different about Mike that got me from the very first email exchange we had.  He was incredibly well spoken (or written you might say), was very warm and receptive to ideas at the same time as really knowing what he wanted.  Ok, you say, still nothing earth shattering, although yes perhaps you met and worked with a lovely person?

Well, first take a look at this…

And this…

Michael Clancy trainer NYC by Rachelc Neville Photography

Then he started talking about what he really does, which is not only train people, but offer up his encyclopedic knowledge of the human body, how it functions on just about any level I knew about (and if you know me you’ll know I’m fairly well into the topic with my pilates/yoga/veg head/chiropractor/facia trigger point working lifestyle) and more…

So I wanted to bring your attention to it, his website is in development but you can find him here  on twitter and he sends out regular newsletters that are so packed with information and easy to assimilate (or read, if you are like me and a fairly regularly sleep deprived mom and photographer).  Message him on twitter to get on his list. His last email explaining the ‘real skinny’ on fish oils, was what had me thinking everyone should read him.

And Mike, thanks for sharing!!

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