More Favorite Performances of 2012

Following up on last week’s post I am happy to share some shots of my favorite dance performances of 2012.


nyc dance photographer rachel neville photo live performance woman running

Neville Dance Theatre

dance iquail live performance photo by dance photographer rachel neville

Dance Iquail

pastel colors modern dance stage performance photo rachel neville

Helen Heineman

dancer and falling rose petals latin choreographers festival rachel neville

Latin Choreographers Festival 2012

male dancer jumping back exposed latin choreographers festival photo rachel neville

Latin Choreographers Festival 2012

three women dancing contemporary dance live performance photography rachel neville photo

Latin Choreographers Festival 2012

rachel neville ballet performance live photography

Ajkun Ballet Theatre

arabesque corps de ballet rachel neville live performance photography

Ajkun Ballet Theatre

hamlet skull ballet performance photography by rachel neville

Ajkun Ballet Theatre

male dancer jumping over seated women jete stage live performance photo by rachel neville

Morales Dance

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