My Nugget of Gold – Motivation for Fitness and Yoga Professionals

So I’m getting back on my mat starting this week.  I feel a little bit like if I say it out loud (and to you in this post!) that I will have to hold myself accountable and for a couple of hours a week put my body and my headspace first.

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Now with being a fitness photographer and running a business, as well as being a mom to two small children, the next question is, of course, what will I have to give in order for me to do get this time for fitness and health for myself?

Let’s be real, nothing comes without cost.  And this is an investment in me and ultimately the clients and the  family I serve.

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But wait! A nugget of gold!  Investing in ourselves is really just as much an investment in those that we serve.
So what are you doing to invest in yourself and your business in the next few months?  Do you have a plan in place to help attract the clients that you want to be working with?  Are you positioned in a way that will get you the results you are looking for toward the end of the year.  Are you ready, as a fitness professional, for the onslaught that comes with the post-holiday rush?
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I’ve put this guide together to help my fitness and yoga clients create their own plans, quickly and easily so you can answer these questions and prepare yourself to serve your clients and your business better.
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Request a free download of my Fitness Marketing Guide for fitness coaches and yoga practitioners.  More questions?  Ready for a shoot?  Contact me!


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