Outdoor Photo Shoots: Time to Put these Tips in Action

Shooting outdoors… it’s not too late in the season with a couple weeks left of beautiful weather and leaves.

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Remember these tips for outdoor photo shoots for audition photos and marketing images.
1. Your location can give you a distinct flavor to your image.
This may be what you are looking for in your marketing material to set you apart, or it may be distracting to your viewer when they really want to focus on what you look like.  Know who you are shooting for.
2. Know when and why shooting outdoors works – and when it doesn’t.
Shooting outdoors works best for:
Head shots: shooting outside can be great.  The extra color if thrown out of focus in your background can be a lovely way to set off your face and your eyes.
Fitness professionals: an excellent way to give your viewer a taste of your personality and your style of working.
Dancers: when you are looking for a great marketing picture that may not be directly for auditions or for those that are going for a smaller or more contemporary style of work.
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Outdoor photo shoots may not work as well for:
Audition photos for Classical Companies: If you are looking for dance audition photos that are focused on classical companies, a busy background can often make it harder for someone to see clearly and easily your technique and body shape.
Headshots: If you are uber concerned about your hair being in just the right place, then shooting outdoors will be a challenge.
3. Know what to bring to outdoor photo shoots.
Bring an oversized coat or blanket to change in/behind if you will have a style change.  Bring a brush and hand held mirror big enough to see most of your face.  Bring a bag with wheels (like a carry on) to your outdoor photo shoot- if you are in a location where you are walking for a fair distance, a rolling bag makes carrying your extras easy.
outdoor photo shoot central park permits
4. Plan your wardrobe and makeup for outdoor photo shoots.
Bring a few different colors in your wardrobe choices.  You’ll want to make sure you stand out from the background not blend into it. Extra face powder and an easy applicator is a must bring for working outside on camera.
chin ups on nyc light post stoplight fitness photo women hangs from street light
5. Make smart plans: coordinate permits, have a contingency plan and know what time of day is best for your outdoor photo shoot location.
A backup/rain day plan is important.  Look into the locations you want to shoot in to make sure you don’t need a permit, or make sure to visit the Office of the Mayor if you think you need an ‘occasional’ permit (this can be done by fax as well, just give yourself a few days).  Later in the afternoon is better than first morning light at this time of year, unless there is a reason to shoot in the cool temps of the morning.
I still have a few spots left for outdoor photo shoots for dancers and fitness professionals.  Contact me today for a free consultation and book your shoot.

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