With over 20 years of experience, shooting thousands of dancers and dance companies, Rachel founded Rachel Neville Studios as her dedication to the dance world, and her commitment to supporting wellness and sustainability of each and every individual dancer and dance company that we work with, and thus the dance world at large.

The paintbrush to her canvas lies in Rachel’s proprietary method of shooting dancers that she developed over the past 2 decades that she now teaches to photographers across the globe.  The Neville Method ®  is a unique way of coaching dancers and finessing lighting patterns that accurately converts the 3 dimensional movement of dance into the 2 dimensional space of a print or screen.

Audition Photoshoots

85% of our clients get into the auditions of their choice

100% of our clients come away with a renewed sense of confidence, empowerment and excitement about their future.

Creative Photoshoots

The art we create together truly thrives in the spirit of collaboration. Creativity is the muscle, the dancer the muse

Dance Is Who We Are
Photography Is What We Do


The studio’s creative process begins and ends with the dancer’s confidence and wellbeing at its heart. A focus on showcasing lines, energy and technique to their fullest, before considering additional elements in an image is a must. Once this becomes muscle memory for a dancer, the creative juices flow freely!

We Are Only As Successful As Our Clients,
Here’s What They Say…

We Are Only As Successful As Our Clients,
Here’s What They Say…

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"I cannot thank you enough for the incredible experience shooting with you. Your knowledge, eye, and attention to detail are unparalleled. When you see the world's best dancers come through your studio, at the peak of their prowess, doing shoots with newbies is just not the same. But you made my experience such a positive one and your advice is worth so much to me as I begin my journey in NYC."

Liana Weisbord

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"I’ll be joining Sarasota Ballet for this upcoming season! Thank you so much for the beautiful photos, they definitely helped me so much this audition season!"

Sierra Abelardo

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"I'm super excited to share that I'll be joining Complexions for their international summer tour as well as the full 2022-23 season!! I'm preparing to move to NYC while also making sure to prepare myself both physically and mentally for this new journey. I'm so grateful for all the support and guidance through all these years and especially this audition season"

Jasmine Cruz