Plan Your Dance Summer in NYC

As we move into the spring season here in New York City, my thoughts have turned to dancers coming to NYC from out of town for YAGP in a couple of weeks and for summer intensives in June and July.  Now is the time we start booking NYC dance photographer shoots for those time frames, but there are also so many things in this wonderful city to add to your to do list while you are here!

 cherry blossom pink dancer photographer Rachel Neville NYC

Renee Lee, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Start Planning Your Dance Summer in NYC

1) Plan for some shopping time
Make sure to make time for dance shopping at the flagship dance wear stores where you can be expertly fit in pointe shoes.  I personally know the expert fitters at Grishko and Freed and they are  wonderful, as are I’m sure those in the other stores like Repetto, Capezio, Sansha, Chacott and more, right here in NYC.


If you are coming at high season it is smart to plan ahead and book an appointment,  If you’ve had a dance photo shoot with me you’ll understand why your shoes are so important to me – and it all starts with the right fit!


2)  Visit NYC museums

Take some time to visit the New York City museums that you have always wanted to go to and put them on your list.


Nothing inspires an artist more than other artists!  There are so many good small galleries in addition to the bigger, more famous venues out there.  Check out as many as you possibly can.

green one piece dance wear men photo Rachel Neville

Nicolas Moreno, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

3) Schedule training sessions

Plan to schedule training sessions with specialized trainers that understand dance.  Take advantage of your time in NYC to connect with these professionals that you may not have access to back home.
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4) Food food and food!
What dancer doesn’t love to bake or eat baked goods!  Aside from the doughnut shops and cupcake stores, check out Vegan Divas on the lower east side or Chikalicious.  You aren’t going to want to miss those.


5) Enjoy free performances

There are always tons of free concerts happening in the summer in New York.  Visit or for listings and get ready to see some great summer shows.
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