Powerful Dance Photography for an Innovative Dance Company: Rachel Neville for Eryc Taylor Dance Company

I absolutely LOVED working with the Eryc Taylor Dance company and I know you are going to love their show just as much. ETD’s upcoming show, The Exhibit, runs Oct 15-18th at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, 104 W. 14th Street in NYC and tickets are still on sale, but they are going fast!

Dance Mission Resonates in Dance Photography

Based in NYC, Eryc Taylor Dance has a mission to “advance appreciation of dance and educate the public about dance by creating and presenting original performances, conducting master classes and workshops, and making grants to aspiring choreographers.”


Through their innovative choreography, the aim of the dance company is to “find, explore and execute new points of view and combine varied styles of dance on and off pointe.”  The company pushes for honesty in its choreography and performance.  Honesty, boundary pushing and creativity were all elements of our shoot to prepare images for Eryc Taylor Dance Company and for photo and promotional materials for the upcoming performances of The Exhibit.

dance photographer rachel neville promotional photography nyc

The company’s  mission is clearly present in The Exhibit, and also in the experience we had for the dance company photo shoot here at the Rachel Neville Photography Studio in Long Island City, NYC.

Communication and Openness in the Dance Photography Studio

I really enjoyed the process of working with Eryc leading up to the shoot, on the day of the dancer photo shoot and in post production, creating dance company promotional pieces including the poster for The Exhibit.  We had several meetings to make sure that nothing was left to chance, and Eryc’s communication allowed me to have images come to life in my head so that we were able to create them very specifically on the day of the shoot.

rachel neville nyc dance photographer dancers mud

His dancers were fun and adventurous in shooting, and we were really able to get them to ‘go there,’ by creating expectations but also by creating a supportive and safe space for the dancers to really ‘perform’ in the shoot.  And as a result, we got excellent results.

See Eryc Taylor Dance Company in The Exhibit

I can’t wait to see these guys in the performance space.  It is sure to be a really interesting show, and one not to be missed.

men dancing circle shape eryc taylor dance company photographer rachel neville nyc

Grab your tickets now.

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