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I’ve had several incidences this past month where I, as well as my clients, have found copies of their images floating around and being used for purposes they did not intend or authorize.

For this reason, I have started having discussions with dancers about watermarking their images for use, particularly on Facebook and other social media, and it’s become obvious that many of them don’t know the “How Tos” on this.

So I thought I’d search out some easy youtube videos on how to watermark your images, using both Photoshop and free software that might be available.  While I always tell my clients that I’m happy to take a moment and watermark images for them if they request a version that includes a watermark, here are some points to consider when adding a watermark to your image yourself:

  1. Make sure you put the watermark over top of a body part or in a location that is hard to crop out.  When you put a watermark or photo credit in the corner it’s easy for anyone who wants to use the image to do so, regardless of the watermark you added.
  2. You can make the watermark fairly unobtrusive to viewers and harder to re-touch out for those that want to use the image without your permission if you chose to place it over more skin/body area, but also drop the opacity of the mark to about 20 or 30%
  3.  Choose a font that, as I often say about marketing for dancers and dance companies, reflects your personality and style.
Watermark Professional Dance Photos
Please feel free to email/message me with any questions if you have them on this topic!
Links to Learn More
Free Software Tutorial
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