For Photographers: Rachel’s Law of Expansion and Contraction

This is the time of year when I work on creative shoots and really focus on expanding the scope of my shooting. I’m experimenting with new ideas, new subjects, different lights and lighting patterns, as well as new ways of working and so on.

As I am challenging myself to push my own boundaries, I am also realizing that this growth causes me to hyper-analyze what I’m doing, digging deeper into the details than I have ever done before.

I call this feeling “Rachel’s Law of Expansion and Contraction” for lack of a better explanation! As we continue to push our mastery further by expanding our scope, we also focus in our attention on the finest of details. And of course, the more we dive into the details, the more we find ourselves paying attention to every last one of them.

The smallest of details can create night and day differences in an image. But there are also details that you can focus on in your business that will create drastic differences in your client’s experience.

Some of the biggest details to focus on are…

  • Very subtle changes in lighting
  • Using different tones of voice to achieve what you want from the dancers
  • Improving on being a sounding board for your staff that supports both you and my clients
  • Looking to where we can affect even the slightest change or can help our clients in their work or lives

Right now, I’m reminded daily that while we are focused on the big picture–progress, work, careers–it’s the attention to these kinds of things that will get us to where we need and want to be!


Robyn Jutsum

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