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It’s time to stop feeling powerless.

I’d like to give dancers, and all women everywhere, the opportunity to make their voices heard and make a difference.  And we are proud to announce my upcoming photo campaign #MOVETHEVOTE

There are 78 days until the midterm election in November.

In 2016, 48% of the population did not vote.

Voter turnout for midterms is historically only about 40%.

We CANNOT let that happen this November. Let’s break this statistic. Democracy is not a spectator sport. I want to help facilitate the means for you to make waves in the community

Samantha Figgins, Alvin Ailey, dancer in white, don't be silenced, move the vote message in a jump
Samantha Figgins of Alvin Ailey for the #MOVETHEVOTE Campaign

It’s my intention to use dancers everywhere to spread this campaign to the public. If every woman participated, we’d all be more involved and more likely to go to the polls.

I for one can no longer tolerate Foreign Policy being created on Twitter. Our current environmental policies are damaging to my children’s future. The crushing debt we are leaving them is scary.

More info to come as we roll this campaign out, so stay tuned! We’ll be having numerous open, free photo days at our NYC studio, photo challenges and much more.

The first step in doing so is registering to vote! Unsure if you are registered? First time registering? We’ve got a bunch of resources that can help you navigate the process (see below).

Let’s stand up and #movethevote!

To see some of the initial shots for the campaign and to get more information about how to get involved, follow the official Instagram account @movethevote!

Xin Ying, martha graham dance company, dancer in white, hinge, don't be silenced, move the vote
Xin Ying of Martha Graham Dance Company for #MOVETHEVOTE campaign

Here are some resources to help educate you on this year’s midterms, how to register, and how to use your voice by the sheer power of the vote:

To register, confirm you’re registered, or to change your registration info:

Break down of voter information for every state/General voter information:

Fact Checking & Stats:

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