Shooting Summer in the City

If you live anywhere near NYC I don’t need to tell you of the oppressive heat and humidity we’ve been dealing with in the last weeks.  It’s not like there aren’t many other places in the world where people feel like they are melting into the pavement as well, so what makes us feel like it’s just us here?  Are we pansies??
Are we so used to our old buildings pumping out huge amounts of heat or AC, allowing us to wear tank tops in the winter and sweaters in the summer?  My theory is the lack of air circulation created by all the tall buildings that doesn’t allow the heavy air to move easily, coupled by the heat coming up from below the city streets (anyone know how much heat the subways system actually gives off?).  At any rate, shooting outside in this climate can prove to be refreshing, of course you need the right location!
Recently I had the pleasure to work with Ivanova and Michael on some new promotional work for her upcoming tour to Portugal.  Ivanova had wanted a New York look without going to the traditional iconic NY locations.  So we picked a spot in Riverside Park.  How great, as we were welcomed with a lovely breeze coming off the water and some shade from an interesting chair installation.  That, combined with lots of water and the occasional visit from a helicopter taking off or landing, and we were able to stay cool and focused.
Her website should be updated soon with some of the great images we got.  As soon as the updates launch, I’ll post the link and some more goodies!
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