Smashing Renegade: My Photo Shoot with Andre Zachery

Andre Zachery Brooklyn Bridge Photo Rachel Neville

This week I’m taking a quick break from our Audition Photo Tips Series because I had to share images from the most amazing photo shoot with Andre Zachery of Renegade Performance Group.

I had the pleasure of shooting with Andre Zachery last week, and I was so excited by our conversation not to mention by getting to spend the morning smashing a TV that I had to interrupt my Audition Series to talk about it.

Rachel Neville Photography for Andre Zachery Brooklyn

Andre’s piece that used the TV was entitled “Let me show you something beautiful,” and indeed it was… I can’t describe the rush it was to shoot (and couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to actually do it) the destruction of something so symbolic as what I want to call “the mediocrity maker” of our society.  A thrill.  I can only imagine what it will feel like for the rebels in Syria and other parts of the world when they gain control over the very thing that is oppressing their society, governments or otherwise.

We had such a fantastic conversation part way through the shoot about artists having the cahones to really say something with their work these days, how it seems like there is just so much art for pretty art’s sake right now.  Andre is taking a step back and looking at the meaning behind doing- he is making art.

I love working with artists and supporting the work of artists who are committed to doing more, and I loved working with Andre and getting these shots.

Way to keep up the fight, Andre!

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