Spring into Action!

It’s the time of year when everyone digs in… a few more months left until the end of terms, competition finales, new 2017/18 or even 2018/19 years to plan.  We are doing the same here at my Long Island City photography studio.  We are looking for new ways to serve our community, new ways we can spread compassion and support to all of us in our art form.


We are energized and we are enthusiastic.  We are celebrating the first days of spring and the successes of our clients and friends.


Spring photography NEA defunding
Misa Kuranaga Dancer Photo Rachel Neville


And then the budget proposal we see the budget proposal that came out of the White House.  Like me, I’m sure you are so flabbergasted that the current administration recommends we de-fund the National Endowment of the Arts and a host of other vital, necessary programs that you are not sure what to do.  Stand up and scream?  Tell our stories?  In a moment of anger I asked my Facebook tribe to give me information on photographing a person with their hair literally on fire (safely of course…).


Now we know that Congress, not the president acting unilaterally, sets the budget.  So we do have some time to combat what I personally think are the policies of fools.  I’d like to take this time to urge you to do something that speaks directly to the policy makers, not only to your home representatives, but those in other states as well.


Find a list and make a call every day.


Text Resist to 50409 and use the app that lets you send letters through a text on your phone every day to your representatives.  It’s super quick and easy and that act of sharing your voice really can make a difference.  It really can show that the arts matter, that artists matter, and that we can and will insist on being heard.


Make a piece of art and email, fax or mail it to the representatives.  Show them art.  Resist with art.


Please, don’t just  content yourself with displaying your frustration to your friends on social media then moving on.  We all need to actually do something to make our voices heard.


This is not ok.


And in the midst of this, I wish you a Happy Spring. I know this season can bring beautiful things our way through art and through communication.
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