Marketing Series Part 4 – Start Sharing

So, in the previous posts we talked about who you are as a dancer, artist, teacher, cupcake eater… and then we looked into who you might like to serve with your content, who you want to connect with.  This group is your target audience. What are their interests? What do they like to do for fun, where do they hang out…  you are exploring all of these questions to get to know your ‘tribe.’

Now, we are ready to match up your content so that, through your posts, you are speaking to your target audience while still being true to yourself. If you are not the type of dancer to post pictures of yourself everyday, that is OK! Followers that you connect with are going to be interested in the same things you are interested in, and the same things that you find interesting.

ballet dancer photo long hair down no tights

Jaden Grimm, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

For example, maybe your first love is dance, but you also love to go to museums… talk about that! Alert your followers to cool things that you see, talk about why you think they are cool, and then support them and communicate with them when they respond to you.

Do remember that strategically placed and quality pictures of yourself are necessary, but you do not have to push out content constantly if that doesn’t suit you.

Remember to keep your ‘tribe’ in mind.   If you want to model for fit companies, you need to have images of you in their clothing so that you can tag them. Talk about the clothing in a real way, not in that over-the-top way that you know you just turn off of when you see, but in an authentic way that the brand, and ultimately, all of your followers, can connect with.

These are just a couple of examples to get you going.  The most important thing is to get going.  See what works, what doesn’t, and then re-group.

dance photographer rachel neville ballet dance audition photo

Sienna Calvin, Dancer Photo Rachel Neville

We’ll be posting videos on these topics later this summer and going even more in-depth with marketing tips for dancers, dance teachers and dance companies.  Add your email address here and we’ll make sure you know when our marketing videos are available, even before we share them with our larger group.



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