One quick tip that could make a huge difference

It’s been a busy summer, audition photo shoot season is in full swing at our Long Island City photography studio. I wanted to take a minute to share with you guys a fantastic tip that we are talking about regularly.  This one thing could make all the difference this year for you,  whether it’s for audition preparation or for your upcoming season.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you hit your stride in September, take the time to make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses. Put it all down on paper, no holding back, even the tiniest thing.

gray dance tights

Brandon Pereira

It’s easy to list weaknesses but don’t forget your strengths.  Take confidence in your strengths as a dancer and then look objectively at your weaknesses so that you can put a plan in place to address them.

Design an Action Plan

Pull out a calendar and make an action plan.  Outline small but concrete steps to get you where you want to be.  For example,  Is it your core strength that needs help?  Be specific in your actions and goals.  Just adding  ‘do my pilates exercises every day’, may not get you there.  Make an appointment with a pilates instructor, buy a package at a studio like Pilates on 5th or Pilates Reforming NY.. Make a plan to be conscious of those muscles for 1 exercise each class.  Then put on the calendar when you will do these things by and what your reward will be when you do.  Something great, something that you really want.  Next, get someone you trust to hold you accountable with consequences. For example, if you don’t get to all the contemporary classes you promised yourself you don’t get to go to that ABT performance you have tickets for. And have your accountability partner hold onto your tickets!!!

white gossamer tutu crop top

 Courtney Lavine

Make a plan and put an incentive in place that you really, really want at the end of each short goal (movie night, call to your best friend, seeing a show, new shoes..). Make sure that you check in with your accountability partner each week.  Repeat and repeat, taking small steps to success.

Imagine if you have 10 areas that you need to improve on and you make just 10% improvement over all those areas.. forward momentum and movement is key to continuing success!


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