Studio Must Haves: 6 New Things We’re Loving!

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about some of the items that we use on a daily basis that people have seen in our behind the scenes content. We are always looking for new tools and toys that can help us create beautiful images. I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the new things that we’re enjoying and finding really helpful!


Nikon Z6 DSLR camera

1. Cameras: The Nikon Z 6

A couple of weeks ago, we picked up a Nikon Z 6…and we’re seriously loving it! We use it predominantly for video, and the quality of the output when you add the Atomos Ninja V (4K 12bit ProRes Raw), is just outstanding! To be honest, the electronic viewfinder has taken some getting used to. While the real time view of your exposure is great for shooting performances and outdoors, the micro delay and latency on the viewfinder could potentially cause me to miss a shot! Now that I’ve gotten more comfortable with this type of viewfinder, it has definitely earned a spot in my line up. Fun fact: My husband (he shoots on film and television sets) uses this as his main camera now, and he loves it!

Add this camera to your line-up by following this link:

The Chimera Octaplus 5’ with expansion to 7

2. Light Modifiers: The Chimera Octaplus 5’ with expansion to 7’

When the lovely people at Chimera Lighting offered to loan me this octa, I knew I couldn’t refuse! For the most part, I shy away from large modifiers: larger light sources are much harder to be specific with about where your light is placed on a body. My experience with octobanks has been that they create a large flat light shape, which isn’t really my style! This one, however, is amazing! It’s the closest I’ve seen a modifier get to creating window light.

Find this fun modifier here: Spray Rosin: Cramer’s Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip <a href=eutropin online Enhancer Spray Rosin” width=”331″ height=”400″ />

3. Spray Rosin: Cramer’s Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer Spray Rosin

Seamless paper tends to be very slippery, and traditional rock rosin leaves a residue that is an absolute nightmare to retouch out! Cue the spray rosin! This has been a lifesaver for me and the dancers! It gives all the grip a dancer could need for safe movement on the paper and it doesn’t leave any residue to be dealt with in post-production!!

Get to spraying here:


File Management & Backup: The Synology NAS

4. File Management & Backup: The Synology NAS

With my increased shooting volume over the last year, it quickly became apparent that our system of expensive external hard drives was not going to cut it! Drives filling up at the speed of light has been a major pain, not to mention the budget drain. We upgraded to the Synology NAS this year, and it has made a world of difference. The ease of use and peace of mind, on top of the storage capacity and RAID backup has paid for itself many times over! My team can backup to it, refresh from it, and actually work straight off of it from multiple machines and locations! How’s that for a good investment?

Start backing up your files by following the link:


The Eizo ColorNavigator 6 - ColorEdge CS270

5. THE Monitor: The Eizo ColorNavigator 6 – ColorEdge CS270

Guys… this monitor… and everything Eizo makes… is all phenomenal!! The quality and color accuracy is honestly unparalleled in my experience. My guys are using 3 other brands in the studio, but none of them even come close to touching the color accuracy and consistency that this monitor has! Cool… now I just need one at every desk in my studio! One day!

See all the colors of the rainbow here:


Lens Band

6. Lens Band: “Lens Band”

An assistant threw one of these on my lens the other day, and I loved it! Now, I can’t shoot without one! It just doesn’t feel right! The extra bit of grip with a more tactile feel for where my zoom ring is, make this a must-have!

“Get a grip” on your lens here:

Don’t worry! We use tons of different products and toys throughout the day… we’ll keep sharing all of it! Let us know if there are specific items that you think we would like!


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