The Body Language Experiment, Come on Board!!!

Body language and facial expression.. it’s a topic I’ve been talking about in audition shoots these past couple of months:  The communication to a viewer that he/she may or may not be aware of directly, but is quietly there in the background.

Most audition shoots start off with headshots before we move on to dance shots.  I always like to start my clients off with the conversation about what their facial and body language is saying to their intended audience.

Photographer Rachel Neville Body Language Experiment

Do they want to appear as eager and ready to do anything?  Do they want to look warm and inviting to work with?  Are they a full on professional who is serious and down to business, or would they like to project a sense of artistry and uber style?

Different stylings, backgrounds and facial expressions help with this, but the silent partner of body angles and  shoulder lines is often just as important.

This past Sunday I had a shoot with Gianna Caridi of Ellison Ballet, and we, of course, got to talking;  if she were to take these ideas into her classes, how would that affect them?  If she were quietly giving the teacher body language that said she was fully listening (leaning in, weight on the balls of the feet, arms and hands not fidgeting but relaxed and ready to take in), focused and ready to go.. what affect would that have?

Body Language Experiment call for dancers Rachel Neville photographer

The Body Language Experiment

So we decide to try an experiment.  She would try this for 2 weeks (we arranged for her to text me so she wouldn’t forget) in the same class every day and to take notes on the following:

1) How well the class went personally/for her
2) Whether the teacher had a difference in his/her approach to her
3) If she ended up getting more attention or more corrections
4) If Gianna felt that her overall progress was affected over the 2 week experiment

Want to try this too?  I’m looking for 4 other volunteers, drop me a line here if this project interests you, I’ll give you more details.

Keep an eye out here on the blog, I’ll be posting the results in December, just in time for you to practice before audition season hits full swing.

Be Part of the Body Language Experiment!

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