The One Thing You Need for Your Dance Audition Photo Shoot

The audition photo bookings are coming in and we are moving into high gear for the height of dance audition photo shoot season. Let’s get right to the point, then!

I get so many questions about dance auditions and marketing for dance companies and for dancers at all phases of their careers.  You know me, I’m highly committed to dancers and to dance companies putting their best feet forward and “upping their game.”


So, what questions do I hear most from all dancers…

What do I wear?

What leotard will look good on me at my dance audition?

The One Thing You Must Have for Your Dance Audition Photo Shoot

If there is one thing you must have for an audition photo shoot, it is a leotard that looks great on you.

The right leotard for your dance audition photo shoot balances your body, is a color that complements and intimates your personality, and gives you the confidence that you look really good.

one thing dance audition photo shoot leotard

Aryssa Alonzo

If you are a ballet dancer you also need to come with really good pointe shoes, too.

For more on what leotard to wear to a dance audition photo shoot, check out my Leotard Buying Guide and drop me a line to receive the new Leotard Guide coming soon and featuring all of the new Yumiko leotard styles for audition season.


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