The Techniques You Need Now for Successful Auditions and Dance Careers

Summers here, let’s rejoice!

As July and August shoot dates start to book up I’m thinking more and more about new strategies for helping my auditioning dancers to stand out this next season. I want nothing more than for you all to be successful, and success takes planning. We all know that a dancer doesn’t become one overnight. We work and work and work until we start achieving, then we work some more.

If you are auditioning next year, this should be your game plan.

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When we are working in my studio, so many of my clients really see that when you give beyond what you think you can, go for broke.  Push for 300% of your energy and see results that are outstanding. When we have worked a movement 20, 30, 40 times to get it just right and then we push for more, the wow factor arrives and I so often hear  ‘I didn’t know I could look like that!’

Now imagine what audition success would look like if you put that same time, energy and preparation into it?

Olympic athletes all use sports psychologists to be effective, to keep going when they didn’t think they could, to re-wire for pushing past their perceived limits. And often the difference for them between silver and gold is all in the head, in getting ready the right way.

Can dancers use some of these techniques to be successful ourselves? You bet!

We are going to hit it hard in my summer auditioning and marketing workshops, on all fronts, leaving no stone un-turned. We’re going to talk about making a plan, doing your research, creating resumes, videos, pictures, contacting companies, audition how tos, tricks to keep going when it gets tough, building a support network, marketing, marketing after contract, how to become an added value to your company, how to be better in front of the camera and so much more.

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If you can’t make it to one of the sessions, July 19th and August 2, here’s a few quick tips to get you started;

1: Start early and make an action plan.

This should include research, a calendar of actions to take every week with a timeline that has you fully prepared for the beginning of January.

2: Build a support network.

Find a person(s) who understand the audition and marketing process, ask for support and for them to hold you to account on your plan. Choose someone you respect and who is ready and willing to cheer you on, be in your corner. Not a yes person, someone who will tell you like it is but also be kind. Your teachers do not always have the time to be this person for you, and friends often tend to be absorbed in their own lives.. Check in with this person once a week.

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3: Be objective with yourself.

Take stock of where you are in your training, where you are weak, and start filling in the holes. Treat yourself (for our purposes here) as a product or service that dance companies will need/want. How can you make position yourself so well rounded as to be attractive? Does that mean upping your ‘added value’? Does that mean you need to get to more contemporary classes or acting classes? Does that mean you need to dye your hair rainbow colors? What ever it is, take stock and do it now, not two weeks before auditions start.

If you want in on July 19, or August 2, drop me a line. If you can’t be in NYC on those dates but still want in, let me know, we are looking into having a live stream or video available for dancers across the country.

Happy preparation and cheers to your success!!!

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