Tips to Maximize the Power of Your Fitness Brand

With the New Year on the horizon, it’s time to engage your fitness and movement brand. Be in position to take advantage of the busy New Year season, and focus on connecting more with the clients you have and the new clients you want.

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Marketing Advice for Movement and Fitness Professionals

Work through these five basic steps to get in position for a strong start to your best year yet.

How to Make the Most of Your Fitness Brand

1) Be consistent in the tone and feel of your marketing materials.

The tone of your words should be similar: friendly and open, expert, quirky, direct…. whatever your personality is, stick to it.running by tracks Epiphany Elease photo Rachel Neville


2) Start now.

Don’t procrastinate until your grand ideas of the perfect fitness website, classes, workshops, marketing materials are in place.  You don’t tell your clients to wait to start their new regime till they have lost 5 pounds and can fit those snazzy lulu pants they bought 2 years ago right? Apply the same thinking to your fitness marketing.  Consistent, regular baby steps are better than no steps at all.

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3) Have a clear vision of what images will best suit your brand before you shoot for it.

Maintain your ‘look’ in all of your postings and materials.

4) Know how to explain what you do and what problems you solve for your clients in short one or two sentence form.

Make sure that your message is consistent with the look of your materials.

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5) Make your visuals easy for people to read and understand.

Can the fitness clients you want tell what you do at a quick glance? If not, refine and simplify. Consider how long you would stay on a website that is difficult to navigate or to understand.

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This is your jumping off point.  That means now is the time to get started.

For more advice on getting your fitness and movement marketing ready for the New Year, contact me now!


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