Rachel Neville’s

Top 5 Hacks For Better Dance Photos 

Dancers have so much riding on their photoshoots – not only are excellent images instrumental in moving careers forward, but they can make all the difference in your confidence and self-esteem.

It’s common for dancers to feel a sense of unease when facing the camera, and this feeling is completely understandable. The anxiety often arises from not having the necessary skills to perform effectively in front of the lens or the knowledge of how to shift a pose to showcase precise technique.


In this Video, Rachel gives you the answers to:

⚪️ Why dancing for the camera is so different from the studio or stage, and how to start becoming comfortable with it.

⚪️ Where to start each pose… lining it all up for the most memorable photoshoot!

⚪️ What The Neville Method is and how to use it to build, not capture, better shots (every time).

⚪️ The magic of visualization and how that can help you save muscle (literally).

⚪️ The power of your mindset and how to let go for shots that move your audience.


I’m a former dancer and teacher and have been shooting dancers and dance companies for over 20 years. I founded Rachel Neville Studios in 2014 through my commitment to dancers’ wellness and empowerment.

In today’s dance world, striking images are essential. Exceptional photos that blend technical prowess with personality set you apart, opening doors to auditions and job opportunities. In this era, camera confidence isn’t a choice; it’s a necessity.

While audition shots are an important investment in a dancer’s portfolio, creative images can be just as powerful. These images take your technique to the next level, combining your personality, strengths, and artistic flare with detailed poses and movements.

And we cover both in the free training you’re accessing today.