Trainers and Fitness Pros: Plan a Healthy, Successful New Year

Ok friends, the new year is almost here.  Soon to come (and almost certainly go) are the good ol’ New Year’s Resolutions, in my case usually in the marketing section of my business.
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So let’s make this year different.  Let’s make it easy.  Let’s pledge to commit to taking small steps, even baby steps, but make them habits.  How about 1 social media post a day and a few minutes on there to talk to other people?  How about 1 email to clients a week?
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I’ll pledge to make it to one event outside of my work a month to connect with people.  There, I said it.  I’ll hold myself to account if you will, what’s your pledge?
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Build a better new year for your fitness business:

1. Take just a couple of mins to plan your marketing with strategy and timelines in mind

2. Understand how your clients make decisions about their fitness goals and practices (I can help you with that!)

3. Create some fresh, diverse images that show your clients who you are and how you work to make your communication and social media posts to them quick, easy and interesting

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Contact me and let’s continue this conversation to prepare you – and your clients – for a healthy, successful 2014!


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