Audition Training

Tutorial Description

You’ve worked so hard through the years, sacrificed so much and given everything you have to become a dancer. Now comes the next step: auditioning. These webisodes give you the information you need to know in order to start; the missing pieces of the puzzle that are not often addressed in school. From doing your research to creating your resumes, photos, and reels, there are a lot of factors to cover. Through advice stemmed in experience, you’ll learn how to enter those nervous, uncomfortable situations prepared and confident. This series will have you ready to take on auditions, the inevitable step in getting you the job.

  • Research When December rolls around, you may find yourself in a panic. You’ve thought about what companies you want to audition for but just having your list is not enough. The details are just as important: where and when the audition is taking place, what pictures they ask of you, who the artistic director(s) is, what kind of repertoire the company performs, what they are looking for, and so on. Having an idea of what a company wants from their dancers will help you determine what you go for and put yourself at ease, ensuring you feel prepared to walk into that audition.
  • Knowing who you are as a dancer Knowing who you are and what you bring to the table is incredibly important when it comes to auditions. You don’t get a large window of opportunity to make your impression. In this webisode, Rachel covers some of the ways to identify your key attributes and to make yourself stand out to artistic directors.
  • Your audition package Your audition package is a crucial element of the audition process. In this webisode, Rachel discusses the importance of your package and offers tips for how to put one together. Making sure you have your photos, resume, and video reel polished and ready to go can make a world of difference in how you present yourself to a potential employer.
  • Audition day You’ve done your research, put together your package, and now all you have to do is dance, right? Well, there are many factors that come into play leading up to the actual audition. Rachel discusses preparing the day before, ways to combat nerves, how to present yourself during the audition, where your marketing materials factor in, and much more.
  • Auditioning in Europe In this webisode, Rachel conducts a Q&A with Sophie Ponthier, French choreographer and teacher, who coaches dancers during the audition process. Rachel and Sophie discuss the importance of research, the types of companies you find in Europe, and what materials to include in your package. You will also learn some of the key differences between preparing for auditions in the States and in Europe.


What You'll Learn

  • What to research and why it’s important
  • Knowing who you are
  • Putting your package together
  • Audition prep
  • Auditioning in Europe

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