Dancing for the camera

Tutorial Description

Dancing and posing for camera is very different from being in class or performing on stage. What works on stage is not always what reads on camera. These webisodes discuss what it’s like to be in front a camera. Learn what makes dancing for the camera different and how to go about getting the right shot. Watch this series and understand better how to work with your photographer to capture your movement at its peak.

  • How to nail jumps for the camera Sometimes executing a jump the way you would in class or on stage is not necessarily the best way to capture your movement in a picture. From finding the proper angle to accentuate your lines to the preparation, Rachel goes through how to help photographer and yourself establish your jump shot.
  • How to take great pictures in photo shoots In this webisode, Rachel goes over preparing to be shot on camera, including the types of poses to go for, identifying the most flattering angle to do a pose in, and finding your lines.

What You'll Learn

  • Nailing Jumps
  • Preparing your poses
  • What to avoid
  • Test shots
  • Find your lines

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Dancing for the camera

These webisodes discuss being in front of the camera and getting the right shot. Learn how to work with your photographer to capture your movement at its peak from your lines to your jumps.