Why You Need a Makeup Artist for your Next Photo Shoot

Guest Post by Alyssa Lorraine

Professional Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Alyssa Lorraine with Pilates Instructor Rosalind Moore Photo by Rachel Neville PhotographyJust because you’re going for a ‘natural’ look at your photo shoot doesn’t mean that you should forgo hiring a makeup artist. A skilled makeup artist can achieve the natural look that you desire so that you look presentable and perfected but still look like yourself. A makeup artist is there to assist you during your shoot so you can be relaxed and focus on other aspects of the shoot.

Why No Makeup is a No-No

You may think you can achieve the ‘natural’ look for your photo shoot without wearing makeup. But what you’ll find is that your skin can actually look sickly and unhealthy under the studio lights which can intensify any imperfections in the skin. This happens because the skin on the face and body is actually quite transparent. When light is shined on the skin (either natural light or studio lights) it makes our skin’s imperfections and irregularities show through even more. This means that the dark purpley/green undereye circles will be even more pronounced. Redness or blotchiness on the face and body will also stand out more, as will veins and other discolorations. Makeup can be used to even out the skintone so that your face and body match and so that your skin has an overall uniform look without any glaring irregularities that jump out. And makeup is used with a light hand on the face to softly define and enhance features that could otherwise look washed out on camera.

Makeup for your Body, not just your face!
Makeup goes beyond just the face, and isn’t something just women should be concerned about. A makeup artist’s job is to insure that your skin looks good from head to toe. Sheer body foundation, shimmery illuminators, oils, sheen sprays, lotions and potions can be used on the body to enhance your physique and bring out your muscles even more while creating the illusion that your body is tight and toned (even if it’s not!). And If you have tattoos or scars that you need covered, a makeup artist can seamlessly hide them for you as well.

You don’t have to worry about your appearance…
Above all a photo shoot is an investment in yourself and your brand or business and It should be taken seriously. The weeks following up to a fitness shoot, you will surely take the time to eat well and exercise to be in top condition. You will spend time researching photographers and going through the planning process of exactly what you want for your shoot (poses, wardrobes, props). So for the time and cost involved in planning and producing your shoot you should value your investment by hiring a professional makeup artist that can make you look amazing and allow you to focus on other aspects of the shoot and not have to worry about how you look.

…when you hire a professional Makeup Artist for your photo shoot
Alyssa Lorraine
Makeup Artist + Hairstylist NYC


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