Workshop for Dance Photographers at Rachel Neville Photography Studio

Dance photographers from New York City and throughout the country have reached out to me requesting help with their photography work. Because I am so passionate about helping dancers create great content for their marketing and because I truly love what I do in my Long Island City photography studio every day, I am excited to be able to share some of my knowledge with my fellow dance photographers through an upcoming two-part, weekend long photography workshop.

At the March 11 – 12 workshop, we’ll be reviewing and discussing existing images, talking about how to make improvements, and how to build on the work photographers have done. We will also be creating an ‘I’d kill to be able to shoot’ list to help photographers pinpoint and achieve their goals.

NYC dance photographer Rachel Neville workshop

Mary Hansohn, Dancer Photographer Rachel Neville

For those who are interested, take a peek at the workshop. We have very few slots left, but if you are interested, drop me a line. We are putting together a waiting list, and a list for future workshops.

Day 1: Discussion with Photographers and Opportunity to Photograph Dancers

Some of the topics we will cover include shooting in the studio vs. shooting outdoors, photography gear and equipment, strategies for working with different types of dancers, and how to become aware of what dancers need in a dance photo shoot.

We will cover techniques from timing and focusing to camera functions, lens choices and some of the basics of lighting.

To round out Day 1 of the Rachel Neville Photography Workshop, we will discuss and put into practice tools for working the shoot effectively. From working with contemporary dancers vs. classical dancers, to understanding studio lighting and how to set up and work with tethering, workshop participants will gain solid footing in dance photography best practices.

workshop for dance photographers in NYC Rachel Neville Long Island City

Juliette Bosco, Dancer Photographer Rachel Neville

Day 2: Next Steps and More Practice with Dancers

On our second day of the photography workshop, we will look at timing shoots to get the most from your dancers, posing and working with a dancer’s lines, and individual vs. group photo shoots. We will also tackle the important topic of communicating with dancers, which includes understanding model agreements, licenses and usage.

We will dive deeper into the business of dance photography and techniques for creating high quality dance marketing materials. We will look at lighting for the body and mood, working with props, and tips for refining post production skills.

Day 2 will wrap with more time working directly with dancers, putting into practice everything we are covering in the workshop

It is a privilege to share knowledge with the dance photography industry and to help to build skills that deliver better experiences and better images and marketing materials for dancers.


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