At this moment we do not currently have 2022 workshops scheduled.  Please stay tuned to our social media, and sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to be the first to know when we announce the next series of workshops!

Specifically tailored to photographers, designed to increase your confidence in working with dancers.
Take your work and business to the next level.

About my Workshops

I love shooting dancers. I love teaching. I love inspiring other photographers to elevate their work with dancers, giving them the skills they need to create the images they dream about.

All of my workshops are small in size, designed for personal attention to each participant. Unlike many workshops, our focus is not on developing a volume of images for your portfolio, but rather giving you the skills you need to confidently work with dancers. Through discussion, demonstrations, guided shooting practices and personal mentoring, each workshop is a constant flow of information. You will feel inspired, confident, and gain the tools to achieve the next level in your dance photography.

Rachel Neville Workshops
Rachel Neville Workshops
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I’m passionate about helping dancers, dance companies and the dance industry move forward and become a more centralized part of our lives. Spreading beauty and inspiration has never been a more powerful tool, and it is needed now more than ever! I love helping other photographers on their paths to achieve that and it makes me excited to pass on some of my knowledge to you.

As the dance world comes back online in the next 6 months, we are committed to making sure photographers are ready to be of service and help them with their goals. Get ready to jumpstart your business for a wave of dancers once we are all out of Covid lockdown mentality and dancers are back into the studios full time.

Dancers will have new, unique needs, and you be ready to service them…


What a pleasure meeting you, seeing your space and hearing your expertise! I can honestly say I am inspired to be a better business woman and a more confident creative photographer. Thank you again! I loved it!

- Heather Sachleben, Heather Renee Photography

Easily it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had yet. The environment was really inviting, I learned a ton about dance photography, and made some really great friends. Overall a great experience.

Probably the most inspiring thing I saw was how genuine you were and ready to share what you knew with other photographers with the intent of helping us succeed and us helping more dancers succeed. There should be more people like you!

- Emily Northrop, Photographer

I attended Rachel's workshop not only as an individual with a long history from waaay back in the dance/performing arts world, but also as a photographer who's spent a decade prioritizing many different genres in the industry...I'd lost the spark for my work, and made a strong effort to get back into the dance community with my camera last year... Rachel's way of teaching was the perfect hybrid between "understanding my artist/dance nerd" personality , and giving me the strong corrections I needed to hear. She was consistent but fun, and touched on everything each of us wanted to learn, while magically giving us a safe environment in which to bring our visions to life.

- Angel Dibbs, Angel Dibbs Photo

"You went above and beyond any expectations, I could have had in this [unique] context. I loved that you used multiple cameras to show us everything as close as possible as if we were actually in the studio. You covered such a vast amount of information (and exactly what I was looking for at that time), and I truly don’t see how you could have fit anything else [into the workshop]! It is now my responsibility to work hard and be able to attend another of your workshops [in person]. One of my biggest takeaways was witnessing Rachel’s process of literally “sculpting” her image on and with her dancers. "

Anne-Lise Roussel, September 2020 Virtual Workshop Participant