Yoga and Fitness Body Language Experiment 2015

A few weeks ago we did a Body Language Experiment with a few dancers, and the results (although I’m the first one to admit were not scientific), were astounding.   By simply having the dancers shift their body weight over the balls of their feet and allow their arms and hands to hang and feel relaxed, open and ready to receive, they all experienced a higher level of satisfaction in their classes, improved work and more attention from their coaches and teachers. YES!!!

body language experiment

What if we were to bring this experiment over to the yoga and fitness world?  How would this work?

I know few really good teachers and instructors that don’t already practice some form of this without even thinking about it.  The ones that really are in the zone motivate you and keep you going don’t sit back and cross their arms over their chests, right?

rachel neville fitness body language experiment


But let’s take it another step.  Could there be room to work on a specific type of body language that will keep your clients coming back for more and telling their friends about your sessions and classes?

Let’s experiment!

fitness body language experiment rachel neville fitness trainers

Are you interested in participating?  Drop me a line and I’ll give you the details, I’m really excited to get this new approach working for you!

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